New Advisor Announcement: Dominic Coleman

We are pleased to announce the addition of Dominic Coleman to the Advisory Board of Valor Performance. Dominic has been a key advocate for Valor during his time as Group Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales at Gartner. 

Dominic has spent over 20 years in sales and sales leadership roles with Gartner, beginning in the UK where he led the Customer Success and Client Retention teams and subsequently managed the UK high tech, telecoms, and media sales teams. In 2009, he transferred to Gartner in the US and after taking a couple of leadership roles managing strategic client relationships, he was promoted to lead Global Enterprise Sales for the high tech sector.

Dominic has many awards and achievements under his belt, including qualifying for Winner’s Circle nineteen times, achieving Gartner’s prestigious Eagle Award three years in a row, and being named #1 Global Top Achiever in numerous roles.

As an Advisor to Valor, Dominic will be a thought partner to Valor’s leadership team on growth and go-to-market strategies. He’s been a frequent participant and key contributor at Valor’s CRO/VP Sales Roundtables, which Valor has hosted quarterly since 2018.

We are delighted to have him join our team of Valor Business Advisors and we believe his new role will enhance Valor’s continued commitment to the pursuit of sharing the principles of peak performance and making coaching accessible to everyone. 

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