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Palmer Barefield

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creative workplace

Fostering Leadership Excellence through Creativity and Innovation

Palmer BarefieldJan 3, 2024 2:06:07 PM

As we enter and embrace 2024, time just never seems to slow down. Life is fast-paced and it’s only getting faster. It’s the exact reason why new...

leader listening to team

Elevating Performance through Effective Time Management

Palmer BarefieldJan 3, 2024 2:00:16 PM

When it comes to mastering the art of leadership, time management is a skill that must not be overlooked. It's what distinguishes truly outstanding...


Navigating Effective Subordinate Communication

Palmer BarefieldDec 14, 2023 4:57:27 PM

At the core of being a great leader isn't just about giving orders or having fancy plans. It's about something more powerful: being able to connect...

female nurse in leadership

Guiding Healthcare Heroes: Leadership Development and Coaching in Nursing

Palmer BarefieldDec 14, 2023 4:51:19 PM

Healthcare is complex. From nurses to doctors and everything in between, there’s a lot of moving pieces for the faculty to juggle. Which is why...

How Using an Online Coaching Platform Can Benefit New Managers

How Using an Online Coaching Platform Can Benefit New Managers

Palmer BarefieldNov 30, 2023 12:04:01 PM

Let’s talk about professional development. The landscape of professional development is pretty dynamic. Professional development programs are nothing...

women showing man sales team strategy

Strategies That Fuel Sales Performance

Palmer BarefieldNov 30, 2023 11:55:24 AM

Sales never slows down. It’s an incredibly demanding role to fulfill, and it takes a certain type of grit to do so. And in addition to fulfilling the...

women in leadership

Elevating Women in Leadership with the Aid of a Virtual Coaching

Palmer BarefieldNov 30, 2023 11:40:47 AM

Let’s be honest, women have come a long way in the working world. Flashback to the 1950s when the share of women in the labor force was a measly 30...

healthcare burnout prevention

Burnout Prevention and Resilience Building for Healthcare Professionals

Palmer BarefieldNov 13, 2023 4:19:31 PM

The healthcare industry is a noble and demanding field where professionals work tirelessly to save lives and improve the well-being of their...

workplace diversity

Fostering Unity in Diversity: Navigating Inclusive Teams through Virtual Coaching

Palmer BarefieldNov 13, 2023 4:16:06 PM

In today’s world of business dynamics, diversity and inclusion have graduated from being mere buzzwords to becoming the beating heart of effective...

Setting Realistic Sales Goals

Setting Realistic Sales Goals

Palmer BarefieldNov 8, 2023 2:59:41 PM

We’re not the only ones that think the pursuit of success begins with setting realistic sales goals. In fact, the ability to define and achieve these...

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